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Achtung AW: Regeln / Rules

The rules of the

Welcome to You enter a community the passion of pictures and videos of beautiful women (Babes / Celebs) shares, but also share many interests and current issues among themselves. Membership is free. Please note the following rules. They are binding on all HC-BB-members.


These rules apply to each registered participant , including board administrators and moderators and the super moderators. By registering, you recognize the rules unconditionally . If there are significant violations of a Board member against the law , the Administrators reserve the right to take further legal action . See also Liability / Disclaimer !

The HC -BB -International Board is a G -16 board. The board language is English and German.
Upon entering of the board You agree not to post any abusive, obscene , vulgar, slanderous , violent , malicious or criminal reasons other contents in this forum .

The Team reserves the right to edit or delete questionable content .
The Team Members have the right to remove posts and topics in its sole discretion , edit, move or close . The requests the HC -BB- teams must be made in each case follow .
If you feel unfairly treated in any fashion you please write a message to the moderators , super moderators or directly to the administrator of this board . This will examine the facts and judge together. The final decision rests with the administrators.

2. Duties of Members

- Before posting use the search function, so reposts are avoided. Reposts are either removed or archived separately and after 30 days, including appropriate user contributions deleted. It is worthwhile to use the search function.
- Appropriate choice of forum and applicable post icons
- Working in the image and video contributions exclusively with Thumbnails
Polite and respectful Umgangsart.
- Quality before quantity
- Setting up an avatar and a signature so that you can represent yourself better [optional]
- Active participation - Leecher / zero posters, which do not contribute at least 1 Reply / active threads to the community within 30 days will be regularly reviewed by the admins and will be deleted without comment. Inactive users working less than 3 posts within 60 days, due to the system excluded from the community.

3. Prohibitions

- Prohibitions are pictures from the following magazines ( including link and E-Mail/PN-Tausch ): - FHM , Playboy, Perfect10 , Stuff, Penthouse, Matador , LUI , ZOO , VIP ( output Brazil).
- The publication of private photos and private videos of any kind
- Private Photos of Amy Winehouse, the . Following the 1:10 Incurred in 2007
- Videos of Ramona Drews and
- Sextape (also abbreviated FSK 16 version) and private photos of Gina Lisa Lohfink
- Any photos of the following celebs : 1 Cora Schumacher, 2 Anneke Duerkopp , 3 Jessica Black, 5 Natalia Wörner, 6 Yvonne Ransbach , 7 Stella of Ghent, 8 Renate Lingor , 9 Kylie Minoque during her chemo- therapy , 10 The offspring of Britney Spears, 11 Veronika Zemanova ( artist / Babename EVA) , 12 Paris Hilton ( auction material from January 2007). 13 Any nude pictures of Jennifer Aniston, 14, Mina Tander , 15 Michaela Schaffrath aka Gina Wild 16 Eva Habermann, 17 Maja von Hohenzollern , 18 Rebecca Loos, 19 Girl band Monrose , 20 Julia Stinshoff 21 Katerina Jacob , 22 Rebecca Mardie Hundt, 23 Valarie Ianniello , 24 Heike Kloss, 25 Suzie Kerstgens 26 Ulrike Schwab, 27 Anaïs Jeanneret , 28 Monika Baumgartner, 29 Sophie Engert, 30, Rike Schmid, 31 Sarah Wild ( all 9live recordings ) , 32 ladina Moser, 33. Denise Sniehotta, 34. Tina Kraus,
- Video Clip " solid " and all of it taken caps, representing the German singer Sarah Connor
Photos and Vids of Celebs on what their children are clearly ekennbar . Pics / Vids of celebrity children are permitted only with the official release confirmation
- Any photos of the following photographers : 1 David LaChapelle, 2 Barry Rosen, 3 Marcel band , 4 Bernhard Kühmstedt , 5 Thorsten Buhe , 6 Michael Wilfling , 7 Lena Liersson (incl. Pics in various agencies ) , 8 Christian Schoppe , 9 Semi Harvold 10 Thomas Rabsch 11 Bernd Jaworek 12 Andreas Meyer
- Pics of the photographer Christian Pantel and besides all Pics / Vids on which Christian Pantel and the corresponding press office in Hamburg has copyrights.
- All publications by Eyes Prime day ( Photo Agency )
- Copyright Protected photos - Every picture and Vid , which is marked with the copyright symbol © , is subject to copyright . That it should not be posted without individual consent or public release of the author
- Copyright Protected images and video data : - Each picture and Vid , which in a Bild-/Viddaten Copyright certain photographers, agencies , individuals , etc. includes , subject to copyright. That it should not be posted without individual consent or public release of the author
- Fakes ( All modifications to the original recordings are considered to be fake and be treated accordingly by the team ! . Among others include x -ray Review )
- Foreign link , FTP links , download links for P2P programs ( eMule , eDonkey ) . Affiliate Webmaster with other boards possible, but only with the unanimous approval of the admins
- Verbal attacks against other HC -BB users
- Pornographic materials (when child pornography is instantly blocking and deletion of your account as well as criminal display)
- Pictures or videos in which is shown rapes (whether played "only" )
Right-wing radical material (immediate blocking and deletion of your account . Serious case of infringement report is filed )
- Pictures of Celebs and Actor ( s) that are in its representation on Pics and Vids younger than 16 years old
- Spam posting
- Sammelthreads
- Free and cash Hoster , where the user profited financially (eg Image Cash , Shareapic or other Cash Money uploads)
- Items of music videos ( recordings of live show performances and are allowed).
- The Annex consists of . Zip and . Rar Pic files, because no immediate possibility of control of prohibited materials
- Linkstealing
- Pics of the tabloid [DE ]
- The Hoster may not be used for uploads

4. How should an issue look like?

- Uniform labeling topics : Celeb Name / Babe - Description / Location - Number of Images

Examples : Celebrity : Britney Spears MTV Music Awards 2006- 20x or Babes: Elena - Posing in the Room - 15x

- Maximum 75 to 80 pics per thread , that is, it should not be more than 3 online sites are shown . Over 80 Pics or max. 3 Online pages are permitted if they are posted to a series / set / event as a complete collection once in a thread . Piclimit : 500 For larger image volume multiple threads are in accordance with etc. .. to titulieren part 1:2,3
- Reasonable structure , that is, Images in the horizontal and in the vertical should be presented balanced. Only a horizontal or vertical presentation is not acceptable and will be punished accordingly by the team.
- In video content - Presentation of previews , including the title, playing time , file size and file format ( for example, * wmv , * mpg etc..) . Optional is the additional mention of the resolution advantage.

5. Others

- By Completing the registration you agree to these Terms of Use
- If during the registration invalid, incomprehensible mail address are specified, the user will be deleted without comment by the admins after 30 days.
- If a User Pictures / Videos posting that violate the law, he shall bear the consequences and costs that cause these posts!
- The team of it is not possible to check all the items on your compliance with the law! Thus the user (including criminal or civil penalties if any) shall be liable for all the consequences!

6. Measures in violation of the rules

- Immediate blocking and deletion of your account in the above serious violations of rules (The Admininistratoren reserve the right to take further legal action against any violations of rules before)
- Warning after 2-fold, less severe breach of the rules
- Banishment for 1-21 days at 2-fold warning
- Deletion of the account when ignoring the Bannungsauflagen.

The team of wish you much fun with us here on the board and is pleased with an active participation on the Board action.


Your HC-BB-Team

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